Why is the Teflon mesh conveyor belt widely used?

Let us know why the Teflon mesh conveyor belt is widely used!

First of all, the Teflon mesh conveyor belt is the claw pulley of the concave transition. Practice has proved that the transverse strength of the steel rope conveyor belt is lacking. At the time of starting, the belt pulley constitutes a part of the conveyor belt, which is too strong, resulting in tearing the conveyor belt, and changing the umbrella belt to the music belt roller, which can completely handle this. problem.

Second,Teflon mesh conveyor belt improves the industrial conveyor belt drop hopper. Improving the industrial conveyor belt hopper is one of the effective ways to avoid the damage of the conveyor belt in the early stage. Improve the falling hopper of each belt conveyor adapter to increase the ability of foreign objects by 2.5 times. Long and large foreign objects are not easily caught between the funnel wall and the conveyor belt during transportation, reducing the tearing of the foreign body. Probability. The guide skirt at the hopper is made larger and larger with the gap of the conveyor belt along the running direction of the conveyor belt, and the problem of handling the coal block and the gift block between the conveyor belt and the language board is eliminated, thereby eliminating the transportation caused thereby. Harmful. The hopper with large drop, the internal equipment buffer baffle, to avoid direct impact of the material on the conveyor belt.

Since China introduced the Teflon conveyor belt from abroad in the last century, it has not been used in various industries in the society. The reason is that the materials were purchased from abroad at that time, with high cost and long transportation time. Reasons such as backward technology. Following the continuous advancement of China's economic power and the introduction of the world's high-end Teflon product technology into China, the Teflon mesh conveyor belt was localized, and the scope of application and the industry expanded step by step. 

Why does the Teflon mesh conveyor belt can be used in large planning in the 21st century? 

Our company thinks that there are mainly the following points;

1. The continuous improvement of the production process and production equipment of Teflon products, the increase of domestic Teflon material manufacturers, bid farewell to the era of full dependence on imports.

2. China's rapid economic growth, people's material and cultural requirements are getting higher and higher, old-fashioned products and services are now unable to satisfy people's needs, and a large number of emerging products have entered ordinary families, which have driven food, machinery, printing and dyeing, etc. The development of the industry has led to the use of the Teflon Grid Conveyor Belt.

Now Teflon mesh conveyor belt is now more and more widely used in the food baking industry, it can be used as a conveyor belt to dry food, such as dried chrysanthemum, dehydrated vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, wheat, etc.; can also be used as food Grid baking platters are baked moon cakes, biscuits, taro, flat cakes, etc., which are commonly used as drying conveyor belts.

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