Whether the PTFE Teflon adhesive tape contains harmful substances?

Let us learn whether the PTFE Teflon adhesive tape contains harmful substances!

Many people will have such a question, PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tapes does not contain harmful substances, it is not good for people's health, so many people dare not use it. The following is a detailed analysis by PTFE Teflon adhesive tape manufacturers-Ningbo Changwei Group to see if there is any harmful. Substance, the specific content is as follows:

When the fiberglass cloth touches the skin, the skin will be itchy, but it does not have any toxicity, so the first ingredient is first excluded. The most controversial is Teflon, also known as Teflon, for the short name of PTFE, the scientific name of PTFE, Teflon itself has no toxic damage to the human body, but one of the raw materials used in the production process of perfluorooctanoic acid I thought it might have a carcinogenic effect, so it started to be controversial.

In particular, Teflon cooking utensils begin to deteriorate after reaching a temperature of 260 ° C, and begin to differentiate above 350 ° C. These differentiated products may cause flu-like symptoms, which generally do not reach this temperature in the case of cooking. However, the empty cooking utensils are placed on a hot stove that is not guarded, and often exceeds this temperature, so it causes damage. However, the specifications of the PTFE Teflon adhesive tapes are clearly stated in the specification of the high temperature of 260 degrees Celsius. Exceeding 260 degrees will affect the production line, so it is generally not used above 260 degrees Celsius. This piece is also excluded. Therefore, the use of PTFE Teflon adhesive tape within the scope of the promised use does not cause any damage to the human body, and can be used with certainty.

Most working environments require temperatures of 150 to 220 degrees, so silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are widely used on the market today. However, pressure-sensitive adhesives also have quality bumps. Domestic pressure-sensitive adhesives and imported pressure-sensitive adhesives still have performance differences. For example, domestic rubbers have high temperature resistance and storage time are far less than imported rubber. Domestic rubbers generally have a storage time of 3 to 4. In the month, imported glue can reach 8 to 10 months.

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