What should I pay attention to when processing Teflon high temperature cloth?

Let us tell you what should I pay attention to when processing Teflon high temperature cloth!

What are the points of attention in the processing of Teflon high temperature cloth. Teflon high temperature cloth is a kind of silk product used for clothing and packaging. Due to its soft performance and comfortable touch, it is widely used in the apparel industry.

First,Teflon high temperature cloth should be forbidden in the textile process. Because Teflon high temperature cloth is different from other silk fabrics, after the textile is finished, it should be further immersed. If this process is not carried out, Teflon is high temperature. The cloth will be too brittle and the firmness will be too bad.

Second, the Teflon high-temperature cloth after the textile is finished, it should be rolled into a cylindrical shape as much as possible. When it is rolled, the Zui is good to use the artificial roll. If the machine is out of the way, it will be rushed to roll up. If there is too much, it will be simply folded. mark.

Third, Teflon high temperature cloth in the processing process, from time to time to see if there will be no thread out, if there is a broken line, you must make up.
Fourth, the temperature of the Teflon high temperature cloth impregnation solution should be above 50 °C, if the temperature is not good, it should be heated, but the temperature is not higher than 80 °C. When soaking, turn it every hour, then use a stone to make the Teflon high temperature cloth completely immersed in the chemical solution.

Five, Teflon high temperature cloth soaking pool specifications, to use stainless steel data containers, the capacity should be as large as possible, Zui is good to have a bathroom bathhouse, but the depth is larger than the bathhouse, more than two meters. Heating In order to save costs, use coal heating as much as possible, and also have a constant temperature indicator pin. When it reaches 75 °C, it should automatically block the heat source. The soaking pool should be disinfected regularly and disinfected with copper sulfate.



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