Precautions when using Teflon high temperature cloth

Let us learn the Precautions when using Teflon high temperature cloth !!

Teflon high temperature cloth is special material made of glass fiber. We know that glass fiber has good lubricity and excellent corrosion resistance, so this tape also inherits the characteristics of glass fiber. Therefore, it is decided that it can freely perform its effects in any corrosive environment. Teflon high temperature cloth is made of high quality imported glass fiber as woven material, which is made of plain weave or special weave to make high-end fiberglass cloth substrate. Then use the common process technology, fully soaked, impregnated, coated with imported Teflon (PTFE) resin.

In addition, in addition to the glass fiber as the main manufacturing material, the glass fiber is fully moisturized in the special Teflon emulsion. Through the processing of such a manufacturing process, the tape will also inherit the iron fluoride. The special high temperature resistance of the dragon makes it possible to exert its sealing effect no matter how bad the temperature is.

Teflon high temperature cloth also has good insulation, which will definitely maintain the safety of the operator in some humid environments. At the same time, the tape is made of silicone on one side, so the other side is sprayed with a lubricated plastic king so that the other side of the tape is both lubricated and easy to clean.

In the production process. We have to control the temperature and speed of the dipping to keep the fiberglass cloth and PTFE reach the good combination, while maintaining good strength. The handling of PTFE concentrations is very important. We must strictly follow the technical procedures and control each parameter. Second, the selection of raw materials is very important. In the production of Teflon high-temperature cloth, if all domestic materials are used, the quality of Teflon high-temperature cloth is definitely not good. If all imported materials are used, the cost is appropriate and there is no need.

 Then, we just want to control the ratio of imported rubber and domestic glue. Both quality and cost control must be ensured. After zui, the focus is on use and maintenance. There are many points of attention for the use of Teflon high-temperature cloth. Firstly, it cannot be over-temperature. Over-temperature will damage the strength of the fiberglass cloth, and at the same time it will destroy the Teflon coating on the surface layer, which has greatly reduced the Teflon high-temperature cloth. Service life. Teflon high temperature cloth can not be creased, and if there is crease, it is easy to tear at the crease line. We must pay special attention to this when we use Teflon high temperature cloth as the conveyor belt. At the same time, we must always clean the surface of Teflon high-temperature cloth, and there should be no sharp things to touch.



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