Important factors affecting the teflon conveyor belt

Let us learn the Important factors affecting the Teflon conveyor belt!

Because of its special properties, the teflon conveyor belt has a very high temperature during operation, and the appearance of high temperature will inevitably affect the service life of the metal mesh belt. Because the temperature rises, the wear of the metal mesh belt will increase during the work, so it is necessary to maintain it properly to ensure that the metal mesh belt is not excessively damaged. Therefore, when selecting the metal mesh belt, we are required to correctly select the material of the metal mesh belt, because the metal mesh belt works in a high temperature or corrosive environment, the parts of the mesh belt are very simple and thin, if it is rusted, the parts The rust on the mesh will also affect the flexible operation of the mesh belt, so it is necessary to select a metal mesh belt with high quality and working environment. Another is the requirement for the environment of the metal mesh belt. It is also necessary to reach the working requirements of the metal mesh belt to ensure the better work of the metal mesh belt. The main reason is to keep the surface of the mesh belt clean. Some parts of the mesh belt should be Regular cleaning, and only when the mesh belt is completely normal, can the mesh belt be operated to make it work.

Three important factors affecting the service life of the teflon conveyor belt:

First, use the mesh belt in the grinding environment:

The use of stainless steel wire mesh in a grinding environment can cause particularly serious wear. In order to ensure the service life of the mesh belt, it is necessary to pay attention when using it:

1) When the mesh belt is exposed to the abrasive guess, be sure to select the appropriate conveyor type;

2) Reduce the chain speed as much as possible;

3) In order to reduce the pressure of the hinge formed by the pin and sleeve of the mesh belt, please select a larger mesh belt.

Second, in the case of exceeding the ultra-high temperature of 400 ° C should pay attention to:

1) The heat generated by the teflon conveyor belt during work due to friction.

2) Ordinary mesh belts work hot and brittle at high temperatures, as do stainless steel mesh belts.

3) The effect of high temperature environment on smoothness, silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide smooth oil have outstanding heat resistance.

Third, when the mesh belt is exposed to corrosive substances, it will cause adverse consequences:

In this case, the mesh belt parts will become finer and finer, resulting in accelerated wear. When the stainless steel mesh belt continues to work in an acidic or alkaline environment, the parts will experience stress corrosion and crystal corrosion. When using a mesh belt in a corrosive environment, it is necessary to attach great importance to the selection of materials for the mesh belt.



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