How to effectively improve the performance of Teflon high temperature cloth?

Let us learn how to effectively improve the performance of Teflon high temperature cloth!

It is necessary to continuously add Teflon high-temperature cloth standard varieties and improve product quality, strengthen anti-corrosion Teflon high-temperature cloth, cold-resistant Teflon high-temperature cloth, anti-slip Teflon high-temperature cloth, tear-proof Teflon high-temperature cloth, and resistance Development of Teflon high temperature cloth such as abrasive Teflon high temperature cloth. For example, in order to habitually transport high-abrasive materials and improve the service life of Teflon high-temperature cloth, foreign countries have developed a surface adhesive material with higher wear resistance than German standards, and the wear amount reaches 40~60 cubic millimeters.

The belt of Teflon high-temperature cloth sometimes has a tortuous discount, which seriously affects the performance of Teflon high-temperature cloth and is not conducive to safe production. The reason for this is as follows: the thickness of the two sides of the high temperature cloth is different, the thick side is easy to be elongated, and the length is inconsistent to form a tortuous shape. The equipment of high-temperature cloth fiberglass cloth is unreasonable, and the inconsistency of the two sides of the high-temperature cloth makes the same force when stretching, and the tension is different, which will inevitably make the Teflon high-temperature cloth twist and fold.

At present, low-speed resistance and energy-saving Teflon high-temperature cloth has been developed in foreign countries, and it is used in microwave equipment. Generally, the running resistance coefficient of Teflon high-temperature cloth is 0.01~0.015, and the high-efficiency Teflon high-temperature cloth is around 0.019. It can reduce operating energy consumption by about 25%. It is understood that Zui's newly developed Teflon high-temperature cloth is to change the formula, so that Teflon high-temperature cloth can reduce the rolling resistance like a tire, and save 15% of the power consumption in one year, thus helping users to save energy.

Usually we use the sodium naphthalene solution method to treat the Teflon coating on the surface of the Teflon high temperature resistant cloth. The sodium naphthalene solution is mainly a corrosive solvent composed of sodium, naphthalene and other active materials, and can be used with Teflon. The fluorine molecule undergoes a chemical reaction to achieve the desired effect of adhering water to the surface of the high temperature cloth.



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