Fiber composite winding

Let us learn the Fiber composite winding !

Composite fiber is a kind of multi-component fiber and is a term for man-made fiber varieties. There are two or more non-mixed polymer fibers on the same fiber cross section. This fiber is called a composite fiber, which is a physically modified fiber developed in the 1960s. The use of composite fiber making skills allows for the acquisition of bicomponent fibers with both polymer properties. There are composite fibers such as side-by-side type, sheath core type, and island type, and the fiber cross section has a circular shape and a special shape. The fiber has three-dimensional crimp, high loft and masking, good electrical conductivity, antistatic properties and flame retardancy. The composite fiber needs to be spun using a special structure of a composite spinning machine. And our company produces and sells fiber composite winding drums, mainly used for wool, blankets, wool fabrics, warm flocking fillers, silk fabrics, non-woven fabrics, medical and hygiene products and special overalls, etc. Customers in need can call us.



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