Characteristics and scope of the use of Teflon mesh conveyor belt

Let us learn the Characteristics and scope of the use of Teflon mesh conveyor belt !

The Teflon mesh conveyor belt is made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene (commonly known as plastic king) emulsion and impregnated with high-performance fiber glass mesh. It is a new product with high performance and versatile composite materials. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in paper, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, grinding wheel slicing, machinery and so on.

Teflon mesh conveyor belt features:

1, for low temperature -70 ° C, high temperature 260 ° C, with weather resistance, anti-aging. After practical application, if placed at 200 °C for 200 days, not only the strength will not become lower, but also the weight will not decrease; when placed at 350 °C for 120 hours, the component will only decrease by about 0.6%; at -180 °C Cracks do not occur at ultra-low temperatures and adhere to the original softness.

2, non-adhesive: not easy to adhere to any substance. It is easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its appearance; paste, resin, paint, etc. can be easily removed.

3, chemical corrosion resistance, the strong acid, strong alkali and various organic solvents corrosion.

4. Good dimensional stability (extension coefficient less than 5‰) and high strength. Has good mechanical properties.

5, anti-bending fatigue, can be used for smaller wheel diameter.

6, drug resistance, non-toxic. It is almost resistant to all medicines.

7, fire retardant.

8. Breathability---The air permeability of the conveyor belt, reducing the heat source cost, and improving the drying power.

Teflon mesh conveyor belt application range:

Teflon mesh conveyor belts are suitable for hot air flow and hot processing conditions, as follows:

A: Textile, printing and dyeing industry:
Printing drying, bleaching and dyeing cloth drying, fabric shrinking drying, non-woven drying, etc. drying tunnel, drying room conveyor belt.

B: Wire mesh and printing industry:
Loose dryer, offset printing machine, UV series light curing machine, paper oil drying, UV drying, plastic products silk screen drying and other drying tunnels, drying room conveyor belt.

C: Other occasions:
High-frequency drying, microwave drying, freezing and thawing of various foods, baking, heat shrinkage of packaged articles, drying of general moisture-containing articles, rapid drying of solvent-based inks, etc.



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