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Ningbo Changwei New Materials & Technology Co., Ltd is located in Ningbo city, near the world’s largest port - Ningbo Port, developed from 2001 to now. As a pioneer in PTFE (Teflon®) & Siilicone coatings and impregnating processes, which has accumulated rich experience and research and development in this field over the last twenty years and has established itself as an industry leader, as well as the largest manufacturer in this sector. Being one of the main manufacturers of non-stick and high temperature resistance solutions in the world, Our brand WELLFLON ® mainly focus on the field of industrial coatings, the main products are PTFE/silicone coated fiberglass fabrics, PTFE adhesive tapes, PTFE/ silicone coated open meshes, PTFE conveyor belts, PTFE seamless belts, PTFE architecture membranes and so on. Brand COOKAFLON ® positions in civilian field of non-stick cookware and barbecue utensils,Such as PTFE/ Silicone Non-stick Baking or Grilling liners,Meshes, Bags, Baskets, etc. Our factory covers an area of 15000 square meters, owns 11 sets advanced vertical/ hor-izontal coating drying equipments, ultra wide looms, warping machines and other equipments, mainly concentrated in inventing and researching the best solutions to treat all kinds of problems in these fields of people daily cooking, baking, barbecue, industrial packing, drying, printing, electronic industry, solar photovoltaic industry, aerospace automotive, architecture membrane, etc. We actively encourage our team to approach a partnership with our customers and employees in a commitment towards continuous improvement and innovation.

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